Sonia Hope is a North-East Londoner of Jamaican and Trinidadian heritage. She writes short stories (and occasionally creative non-fiction). The stories on this blog were written from 2015 onwards – some have appeared in magazines, including The Nottingham Review, Flash Flood, Flight Journal, Ellipsis Zine, King Ludd’s Rag and Ambit.

In 2019, her story The Cat by The Incredible Jimmy Smith was shortlisted for the Guardian 4th Estate BAME Prize.

She was a Jerwood/Arvon mentee in the fiction category for 2019/20, mentored by Nicholas Royle, and is Librarian at the Archive & Library, National Portrait Gallery, London UK.

You can contact her here.

Or you can find her on Twitter, wasting time.

Four people died on my #Covid ward yesterday, with max oxygen and medical treatment. My team and I are working four 13 hour night shifts in a row.💙👩🏽‍⚕️
I'm so sad and angry. We all are.
Please take this seriously. Protect yourselves and each other.
#NHS 💙 #JuniorDoctor

(Short) late night walk no. 196:
Foxes 🦊 = 2
Cats = 2 (posh ginger & white sitting on a window ledge. And tabby & white)
Dogs = 1 (fluffy puppy, with humans)
🌃 ☁️

(Short) late night walk no. 195:
Foxes 🦊 = 1
Dogs = 1 (little, with human)

(V. short) late night walk no. 194:
Foxes 🦊 = 3 (incl. Roof Fox & friend)
Cats = 3 (incl. posh ginger & white, who nearly said hello before changing his/her mind, with grey & white neighbour cat. Jim, waiting under a car)
Dogs = 1 (wild-eyed Australian sheepdog, with human)

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